New Blogger Label Cloud (aka Tag Cloud)

What's a Blogger "Label Cloud"???

A Picture says a thousand words so here's how it looks like:

A Click on anyone of those Labels will search for relevant posts that contains the following labels.

Before starting I will like to say - TAKE BACKUPS FIRST.

I always hear people saying that they are really sure. But how much sure are you ?

So please before we begin please make a copy of your template before editing it

First go to your blogger home page...login and go to the dashboard.

Next Click on 'Layout' of the blog you choose to apply this hack on...

Then Click on 'Edit HTML'. There Click on "Download Full Template" and save a copy on your PC (Just In-Case...fingerscrossed).

Next make sure that the "Expand Widget Templates" Check box is de-selected.

now do a search for the following line:

Now add the following code right before the "/b:skin" code.

Code #1

After that Add the following code after the "/b:skin" code:


Then Find for the piece of code that looks like the following:

<b:widget id='Label1' locked='false' title='Labels' type='Label'/>

If you could or couldn't find the above ('Label1') Then simple add or replace the following code there: This code will create the Label Cloud Widget. 

Code #3

Now usually this is a piece of cake but if it all goes wrong and the Cloud don't appear then don't worry. Do the following:

1. Go to the "Page Elements" and see if there are any new elements in the display. Usually this step is necessary for most Blogger templates. But on some customized templates the "Label Cloud" Widget sometimes gets squeezed at the top and appears to be small.

2. You need to used labels for your post. Most are into the habit of using labels but some usually don't (Or forgotten about that).

3. Make sure that you don't keep any quotation or double quotation makes in your labels. If there are any then nothing will appear in the "Label Cloud" widget.

4. Restore from a Backup copy and try again. That's right. Just Keep Trying.


Source : Phydeaux

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  1. Steph ~ Thanks for reading :o) Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks! this is exaclty what I wanted :)