Backing up

Always take backups. If you are going to do a change that you are not sure of the outcome then you need to take backups. Or else you will have to spend unnecessary time rebuilding every thing from scratch.
1. Template Backup - Log in to your Blogger Dashboard then click on 'Layout' of the Blog you need to take template backup of.
then click on 'Edit HTML'
then click on 'Download Full Template'
Then save the File with a Blog Title plus Today's date. And Click 'Save'. That's all... Since the template backup size is relatively small you won't need to zip it. Unless you blog tends to have a heavy amount of coding.
2. Articles / Posts Backup - Well unfortunately is the only guy you got to depend on to take the backups. Wait not so fast there is a way meet "Blogger Backup".
You need to have .NET Runtime Installed before installing Blogger Backup. Here are the links:

Installation is very straight forward and also the use. So Far no issues with Blogger Backup in terms of taking backups and restoring them. Fortunately I never ran in to the problem where lost all my posts but better to be safe than sorry. For more information relating to the use of Blogger Backup visit their homepage.

PS: I noticed that there were a few limitations and know issues so you might want to visit there homepage and check it out. So take backups as frequently as you can because that might and definitely will help you on a rainy day...

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